The Foundation commenced in August 2000 with my initial funding. My idea was to have a charitable vehicle through which my family could share the honor and duty of giving to those less fortunate. As the Countess Moira had been extremely important to the success of my business career for some twenty years, and since I felt that her name was more unique than my family name, I asked the Countess for permission to name the foundation after her. She was very pleased and immediately matched my initial funding. Others also have graciously contributed to the funding of the foundation.

During the ensuing years, I periodically discussed some of the possible grant recipients with Moira. It evolved that the annual grants, as proposed by the trustees, and which were of most interest to the Countess, focused on aiding the well being of children, either individually or collectively. In May 2004 to our great distress, Countess Moira died at the age of 94. She was truly one of my best friends. It will be an honor to continue to make charitable grants in her name.

Edward W. T. Gray III


Header images used with permission of Irene Wilson Art